Reagan Foxx & Laney Grey Come Home Part 1-3

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Previously in Part 1 of this story, Marie’s mom Sophia was up to no good, seducing Marie’s assistant in order to get back at her daughter. In feature-length Part 2 there are dramatic developments covering two full sex scenes, as the intergenerational battle gains steam.

Who knew that Marie’s hot mom, Sophia, was a skilled homewrecker? Sophia’s meddling in her daughter’s relationship accelerates: Marie’s husband Michael (Codey Steele) works for Sophia, and Marie (Laney Grey) resents how he’s come to resemble her devious mom, and in flashback we see how skillfully Sophia (Reagan Foxx) can manipulate Michael to further her schemes. After an anniversary dinner out where she told an old flame working as the bartender to bug off, Marie and Michael have a satisfying romp in bed, their sexual heat belying the forces that could end the happy marriage.

At work, the plot thickens, as Michael asks his boss Sophia to lend him money to buy an expensive cottage in France to give to his wife in remembrance of their honeymoon there. She agrees, but considers the funding a gift, not a loan to her son-in-law. Sophia artfully seduces him, noting that they’re family now: “You can call me mommy”. Michael concedes that he’s attracted to her, “but only because you remind me of my wife”. Sophia counters insouciantly: “Everybody knows the original is better than the copy”. After playing footsie with him, Sophia gets Michael to service her sexually right there at the office, holding out the prospect of sex for the cottage gift as a quid pro quo.

Will there be a creampie delivered to Sophia to seal the deal? You’ll have to watch Part 2 to see what develops before the conclusion to this compelling drama in Part 3.